Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon Caulway Mary Transcript edit.pdf Mary Caulway 10/12/2017 Greater Worcester Land Trust
PDF icon Cavaioli, Linda Transcript.pdf Linda Cavaioli 08/31/2018 Executive Director, YWCA of Central Massachusetts
Susan Ceccacci 11/12/2010 Historical Architect
Julie Cerqueira 04/27/2006 Student, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Peace Corps Volunteer
PDF icon Cesareo, Filomena Edit.pdf Filomena Cesareo 03/21/2019 Lawyer, Spouse of Assumption College president
PDF icon chandler_harriette_wwohp.pdf Harriette L. Chandler 08/10/2010 Massachusetts State Sentaor
PDF icon charbonneau_louise.pdf Louise Charbonneau 11/17/2014 Director, Holden Senior Center
PDF icon Clark, Karyn Transcript edit.pdf Karyn Clark 10/03/2018 First Female Director of Public Health for the City of Worcester
PDF icon clarke_louise.pdf Louise Clarke 11/18/2010 Grant Writer/Development
PDF icon cody_lynn.pdf Lynn Cody 04/07/2014 Marketing and media administrator
PDF icon Cohen, Valerie Transcript.pdf Valerie Cohen 10/05/2018 Senior Rabbi, Temple Emanuel Sinai
PDF icon cohen_marjorie_transcript.pdf Marjorie Cohen 02/11/2016 Community Activist for Children with Special Needs
PDF icon cole_merith_transcript-edit.pdf Merith Cole 09/27/2016 Owner of Contracting Company, Owner of True North Holistic Center
Shirley Coleman 10/19/2005 Lived in Worcester's Indian Hill neighborhood for forty-one years
PDF icon Congdon, Sandra Transcript.pdf Sandra Congdon 10/14/2019 Phone Company and Ecotarium Visitor Services; Community Volunteer; Member of WISE
PDF icon connolly_lorraine_wwohp.pdf Lorraine Connolly 08/12/2011 Retired computer programmer
PDF icon Connolly_Donna_wwohp.pdf Donna Connolly 11/11/2009 Director, Worcester Educational Talent Search, Colleges of Worcester Consortium
PDF icon Connolly_Lori_wwohp.pdf Lori Connolly 02/28/2009 Occupational Therapist, Member of Central Mass Families Organizing for Change
PDF icon Constantin_Claire_wwohp.pdf Claire Constantin 03/06/2008 Retired Government Worker, Volunteer at the Deaf Senior Center and the Rape Crisis Center
PDF icon cook_lisa_connelly_-edit.pdf Lisa Connelly Cook 10/17/2012 Associate Professor of History and Political Science at Quinsigamond Community College
Tracy Cooney 11/30/2006 Worcester Public School Teacher
PDF icon corley_christine_-_edit.pdf Christine Corley 11/03/2015 Audiologist
PDF icon Corn, Roberta Transcript.pdf Roberta Corn 10/07/2019 Special Education Teacher; Counselor for Survivors of Domestic Abuse; WISE Member
PDF icon cotternuala_edit_wwohp.pdf Sr. Nuala Cotter 04/03/2012 Assumption Professor and Sister of the Religious of the Assumption
PDF icon Dolores_Courtmanche_WWOHP.pdf Dolores Courtemanche 11/12/2008 Reporter for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette; President of WISE at Assumption College
PDF icon crimmin_nancy_transcript_-edit.pdf Nancy Crimmin 10/13/2016 Senior Vice President and Chief Academic and Student Affairs Officer, Becker College
PDF icon Crocker, Donna Transcript.pdf Donna Crocker 10/03/2019 Teacher; Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education
PDF icon crockett_kathryn_transcript.pdf Kathryn Crockett 10/03/2016 Architect, Lamoureux Pagano & Associates
PDF icon Cruz, Maritza Transcript.pdf Maritza Cruz 07/13/2018 Director of Racial & Gender Equality, YWCA; Co-founder, Latino History Project
Mildred Cummings 04/05/2008 Registered Nurse;President,Episcobal Church Women's Group
PDF icon damico_laurie_edited.pdf Laurie D'Amico 03/13/2013 Director of Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester; member of the first class of women at Assumption College
PDF icon DErrico_Elizabeth_wwohp-edit.pdf Elizabeth D'Errico 03/13/2009 Norton teletype operator, registered nurse, mother
PDF icon Dahrooge, Julianne Edited.pdf Julianne Dahrooge 09/29/2017 Partner, Chan-Dahrooge Financial Group;Volunteer, Broken Tail Rescue
PDF icon dar_ku_transcript_-_edit.pdf DarKu 05/27/2017 Born in Burma; Weaver; Member of Refugee Artisans of Worcester
PDF icon Darrigrand, Denise Transcript.pdf Darrigrand, Denise 05/31/2018 Former Dean of Students, Clark University; Community Activist
PDF icon davis_micki.pdf Micki Davis 03/18/2011 AmeriCorps Volunteer; College Community Service Administrator
Anne A. Dealy 05/05/2008 Police Department Employee;Member of Senior Center and Women's Guild
Elizabeth Dean 10/19/2007 Director, International Center; Worcester League of Women Voters
Margery Dearborn 11/21/2006 Founder, Preservation Worcester
PDF icon de_boni_juliana_transcript_-edit.pdf Juliana DeBoni 06/08/2017 Born in Brazil; Audiologist; Studied at Notre Dame Educational Bridge Center
PDF icon dekar_kenza_transcript_-edit.pdf Kenza Dekar 06/01/2017 Born in Algeria; Studied at Clemente Course in the Humanities
Melanie Demarais 04/02/2008 College Development Officer;President, Worcester League of Women Voters
PDF icon Dewey, Jane Transcript.pdf Jane Dewey 10/22/2018 Researcher volunteer, American Antiquarian Society; boston Marathon runner
PDF icon Dik_Carolyn_wwohp_edit.pdf Carolyn Dik 10/23/2007 Former President of League of Women Voters; Member of U.S. Judicial Nominating Committee under President Jimmy Carter
PDF icon dinardo_geri.pdf Geri DiNardo 04/03/2017 Worcester activist;co-founder, The Mustard Seed; Catholic Worker house; author
Carol Donnelly 11/19/2006 College Professor
Patricia Donovan 04/04/2006 1960s Activist
Charlyne Dore 11/07/2006 Customer Service Representative
PDF icon dottolo_andrea.pdf Andrea Dottolo 02/24/2009 College Professor
PDF icon Doyle_Maureen_Ryan_edit_wwohp.pdf Maureen Ryan Doyle 11/19/2008 Freelance Writer, Property Manager, Member of the First Class of Women at Assumption College