Micki Davis

AmeriCorps Volunteer; College Community Service Administrator

I’ve never been a person who has sort of had a plan for my life. I just take advantage of opportunities and see where they lead me. And one year in AmeriCorps led me to the next year, you know, and the following year. And this job opportunity at Clark [University], which has been amazing for me, it’s been a perfect fit.


Micki Aaron Davis was born in 1980 in Whitley, Kentucky. She obtained her bachelor's degree in History from Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia, and her master’s from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. She has never married and currently lives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts. After graduating from Hollins University, Micki devoted three years of her life to AmeriCorps, which brought her to both Assumption College and Brandeis University. These past experiences ultimately lead Micki to her current position in higher education department at Clark University. In this interview Micki discusses the beneficial influence of strong female mentors in her life, from her family, co-workers, and people she has met in school. Micki feels that supporting other people is extremely important because she received a lot of support growing up and from women that she works with. She also on the board of the YWCA of Worcester and with this organization Micki has the pleasure to support other women and girls. She discusses challenges she has faced in growing and expanding as a female in the work place. Micki also stresses her advice to seize each opportunity as it arises, and to not regret past decisions.   

Interview Date: 
March 18, 2011