Elizabeth D'Errico

Norton teletype operator, registered nurse, mother
It was a dream that I always had about going to school. It was very good for me to do that. So, the fulfillment was just helping others and just hoping that I did make a difference in someone’s life.
Elizabeth D’Errico was born in Forest City, Pennsylvania in 1939 and works as a Registered Nurse in the city of Worcester. Before her first child was born she had worked as a teletype operator at Norton Company, but her husband didn’t believe a woman should work. When Betty became a widow in 1974, she needed a way of supporting her family. Betty decided to do what she had always wanted and that was to become a nurse. In this interview, Betty discusses the rewards and challenges she faced while pursuing her dream. She describes how hard it was raising three small children while going to school but the rewards she received in the process outweighed the costs. Betty also stresses what getting an education meant to her as well as what it means to young people today and also recalls her memories of the Worcester Tornado of 1953.
Interview Date: 
March 13, 2009
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