Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon gazin-schwartz_amy_-_edit.pdf Amy Gazin-Schwartz 11/13/2012 Professor of Anthropology at Assumption College
PDF icon Giampa, Diane Transcript Edited.pdf Diane Giampa 10/11/2017 Sr VP Human Resources & Marketing, Bay State Savings Bank; Chair, Girls Inc
PDF icon gibson_melissa_wwohp-edited.pdf Melissa Gibson 04/16/2012 Pet Store Owner;Barrel Racer and Rodeo
PDF icon GleasonLouise__wwohp_Edit.pdf Louise Gleason 11/13/2006 Nurse at Worcester State Hospital, Department of Mental Health, and UMASS Medical
Sherri Glenn 10/21/2015 Court Officer, Worcester District Court
Valerie Goguen 10/20/2006 Worcester area college student
PDF icon gonzalez-webster_isabel_spa_rev.pdf Isabel González-Webster 04/01/2011 Spanish Interview -- jefa de personal del alcalde Joseph O’Brien
PDF icon gonzalez-webster_isabel_eng_rev.pdf Isabel González-Webster 04/01/2011 English Translation -- Chief of Staff for Worcester Mayor, Joseph O'Brien
PDF icon goodman_andrea_-_edit.pdf Andrea Goodman 10/10/2012 Computer Science Professor
PDF icon goodmanandrea_transcript_edit.pdf Andrea Goodman 11/09/2017 Computer Science College Professor; Computer/Software Entrepreneur
PDF icon Goodrow, Breanna transcript.pdf Breanna Goodrow 02/26/2019 Owner/Creative Director, Studio DiBella
Brenda Gordon 10/15/2006 Receptionist; Medical Biller
PDF icon Goszcz, Gabriele, edited.pdf Gabriele Goszcz 10/03/2019 Optometrist; Psychiatric Social Worker
PDF icon Grace, Martha Transcript edit.pdf Martha Grace 09/27/2019 Chief Justice of the Juvenile Court of the State of Massachusetts; Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education
PDF icon graham_alison.pdf Alison Graham 03/03/2011 Educator; March of Dimes Volunteer
PDF icon grattan_therese.pdf Therese Grattan 11/01/2014 Teacher and Retired Principal, Crocker Elementary School
PDF icon green_katie.pdf Katie Green 04/01/2017 Peace activist; Quaker; Storyteller; Author
PDF icon Greenberg, Nancy edit.pdf Nancy Greenberg 03/10/2023 Cultural Arts Director, Worcester JCC
PDF icon greenwood_janette.pdf Janette Greenwood 04/27/2017 Clark University Professor; Coolaborator on WAM Bullard exhibit on African American Worcester residents
Christine Griffin 11/26/2006 Homemaker;Sunday School Teacher
PDF icon grover_lauren_transcript_-edit.pdf Lauren Grover 03/02/2017 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinician
PDF icon groves_barbara.pdf Barbara Groves 11/15/2010 Teacher, Principal, College Counselor
PDF icon guertin_barbara.pdf Barbara Guertin 04/03/2014 Actress,prodeucer,director; recruiter Fallon Community Health Plan
Ethel Gustafson 10/17/2006 Elder College Student
PDF icon Haddad, Alicia edited.pdf Alicia Haddad 04/19/2024 Owner, Alicia's Spice Company
PDF icon HaglundWendie_wwohp_pdf.edit.pdf Wendy Haglund 02/28/2008 Church Volunteer
Nora Antoun Hakim 03/05/2007 Taught in Japanese Internment Camp;Recreational Coordinator for Red Cross WWII
PDF icon Hale, Janet INTERVIEW - Edited.pdf Janet Hale 06/12/2017 Nurse;Dean, UMass Medical School; Veteran, US Army Reserves, Ret.Colonel
PDF icon HaleyHeather-Lyn_WWOHP.pdf Heather-Lyn Haley 04/09/2008 Sociologist/Researcher at UMass Medical School
PDF icon Hall, Deborah edit.pdf Deborah Hall 03/09/2023 Executive Director, YWCA Central Massachusetts; Founder, Worcester Black History Project
Gloria Hall 11/21/2014 Community Organizer
PDF icon Haller_Barbara_pdf.pdf Barbara Haller 10/27/2005 Worcester City Council Member, District 4
PDF icon Hamilton, Kellie edit.pdf Kellie Hamilton 02/17/2023 RN; Holistic Nutrition Coach, A Better Path to Wellness
PDF icon Hamilton, Elizabeth -edit.pdf Elizabeth Hamilton 02/23/2022 Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club Worcester
PDF icon Hampton, Gizel Transcript.pdf Gizel Hampton 10/27/2018 Associate pastor, St. John's Baptist Church; Social Worker
PDF icon Hanlon, Judith Transcript.pdf Judith Hanlon 05/29/2018 Pastor, Hadwen Park Congregational Church
PDF icon hansen_allison_chisholm.pdf Alison Chisholm Hansen 11/13/2014 Author of "The Inventive Life of Charles Hill Morgan," Public Relations
PDF icon harris_francesca_edit.pdf Francesca Harris 12/02/2015 Human Resources Professional, UMass Memorial Hospital
PDF icon hartness_kristin_transcript_-edit.pdf Kristin Hartness 10/19/2016 Executive Director, Canines for Disabled Kids.
PDF icon Harvey_Carol_wwohp_edit-1.pdf Carol Harvey 11/20/2008 Assumption College Professor, Volunteer at Girls Inc, Big Brother, Big Sisters, Center for Women in Enterprise
PDF icon healy_andrea_transcript.pdf Andrea Healy 02/11/2016 Director of Human Resources, Cutler Associates
PDF icon Hein_Hilda_wwohp.pdf Hilda Hein 10/06/2009 Professor of Philosophy; first tenured female faculty member at the College of the Holy Cross
PDF icon Hendra, Clare edit.pdf Clare Hendra 03/19/2023 Industrial Engineer
PDF icon hernandez_cherisa.pdf Cherisa Hernandez 03/31/2014 High School Math Teacher
PDF icon Hess_Honee_wwohp.pdf Honee Hess 11/08/2009 Director of Education, Worcester Art Museum
Harriet Miller Hight 10/23/2006 Civil Rights and Community Activist
Jean Laquidara Hill 11/19/2006 Reporter, Worcester Telegram and Gazette
PDF icon Hippert-Kenny, Tracey - edit.pdf Tracey Hippert-Kenny 03/08/2019 Principal, Leicester High School
PDF icon holman_cherylann-_wwohp.pdf Cherylann Holman 01/14/2012 YMCA worker, runner
PDF icon holstromjulie_transcript_edit.pdf Julie Holstrom 10/05/2017 Senior Project Manager, Worcester Business Development Corporation