Debra Hopkins

President, Junior Achievement of Central Massachusetts

Probably when I was younger, success was defined more externally by allowing other people’s opinions to determine whether or not I was successful. The older I get, the more internal the definition has become and it’s really, do I feel good about what I did today or what I did this week.


Debra Hopkins was born in 1959 in Worcester, MA where she was raised in the Main South and the Grafton Hill sections of town. She attended Middlesex Elementary School on Hamilton Street, Worcester Central Catholic for middle school, and Holy Name for high school. She briefly attended the University of Massachusetts, but she transferred to the University of Connecticut where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Administration and Psychology. In this interview, Debra shares her experiences in Worcester and the Worcester community and highlights her experiences working for a number of non-profit agencies, including her experiences working with Junior Achievement of Central Massachusetts, where she is currently the President.

Interview Date: 
March 20, 2009
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