Andrea Healy

Director of Human Resources, Cutler Associates

You have to be able to stand on your own two feet and I think you need to encourage your kids to do the same thing. So for me, I think that probably the best advice is to really just take control of your life, control the things you can control, and leave your kids with good lessons.

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Andrea Maria Healy was born in 1970 and is currently the Director of Human Resources at Cutler Associates, a construction company in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was born and raised near Worcester, in Boylston, and currently lives on the Paxton-Worcester line. Andrea became a mother at the young age of nineteen years old. She raised two daughters, Courtney and Lindsey, on her own, having never married. Although she would never change this aspect of her life, she confesses that becoming a mother so young was a challenge, especially balancing motherhood and her career. Andrea attended Quinsigamond Community College for a short time and then enrolled in Assumption College. She later took the qualifying exam to become a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources. She has had several jobs throughout her life; however, throughout all of her positions, she has continually put her family first. In this interview Andrea discusses her passion and vision for Worcester. She is extremely proud of Worcester and is excited for future progress in the city. For fifteen years she has been a member of Rainbow Child Development, which provides child care for low-income families. Andrea strongly emphasizes the importance of everyone being involved in the community and finding an organization they are passionate about. She is a role model of strength and dedication for women of all ages.

Interview Date: 
February 11, 2016
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