Christine Corley


Probably the most amazing experience I can think of was when I was at Children's [Hospital] and I was in when a CI [cochlear implant] got activated. It was a little kid. I think he was 26 months, and his CI got activated and his mom started talking and everyone in the room was crying and it was pretty amazing. 


Dr. Christine Corley was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986. She grew up in Reading, Massachusetts with her parents, two sisters, and brother. Dr. Corley is affiliated with Worcester because it is where her job is located. She is employed at the Hearing and Balance Center of New England, as an audiologist. Dr. Corley received her undergraduate education at the University of Massachusetts and attended graduate school at Northeastern University. It was at Northeastern University where she attained her doctoral degree of audiology. Dr. Corley described the challenges she faced when in school and how she overcame those obstacles. Dr. Corley recognizes the importance of maintaining connections you make in college because they could be beneficial to your future. The doctor loves her job and emphasizes the sense of reward she feels when helping her clients. In this interview, Dr. Corley also discusses her family, education, work experience, political/community involvement and health. One point that Dr. Corley emphasized was that women should not feel pressured into getting married and having children. However, Dr. Corley does have plans to start a family of her own one-day.

Interview Date: 
November 3, 2015
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