Louise Clarke

Grant Writer/Development

We started the Worcester Educational Development Foundation. So I hope that would be --- I hope that continues, and that’s one of my legacies. And I hope my kids and my grandkids see me as having been a really good and fun person.  I hope – I hope those are my legacies.


Louise Clarke was born in Hadwen Park, Worcester in 1952 and attended Worcester public schools throughout her life. She continues to live and work in the city of Worcester with her family. After Louise finished her studies, she started a family and got involved in volunteer work in the community. This volunteer work led her to her current position working for the Worcester Public School System which is an important part of her life. In this interview, Louise discusses the importance of the role of the “regular woman” in the history of women that is being told today. Louise shares that the regular woman and the relationships she builds with others, displays the true stories of women in history. The relationships that Louise built with her family, and the networking she was involved in, shaped her character and make her story unique.

Interview Date: 
November 18, 2010