Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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  • If you have been interviewed and don't see your photograph here and would like to share it, please email it to 
Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon obey_stacy.pdf Stacy OBey 11/04/2010 Landscape designer; groundskeeper
PDF icon olson_tanja.pdf Tanja Olson 03/11/2014 German Jew immigrant from Shanghai
PDF icon Julie_Orcutt_WWOHP-A.pdf Julie Orcutt 11/08/2006 Employee of the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitor's Bureau
PDF icon ortiz_jasmine_transcript-edit.pdf Jasmine Jina Ortiz 03/03/2017 Professor, Quinsigamond Community College and Becker College, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
PDF icon Pagliuca_Kristen_wwohp_edit.pdf Kristen Pagliuca 03/15/2007 Bank Manager
Tara Pandolfi 11/17/2006 Health Education Specialist, Planned Parenthood; Mother of Triplets
PDF icon pappas_carol_edit_wwohp.pdf Carol A. Pappas 04/19/2012 College Librarian
PDF icon Paradis, Susan edit.pdf Susan Paradis 03/27/2019 Owner, Parker's Candy Store
PDF icon pare_judith_-_edit.pdf Judith Pare 11/13/2015 Dean of Nursing, Becker College
PDF icon patino_beatriz.pdf Beatriz Patino 11/29/2012 Director, Cross-Cultural Center, Assumption College
PDF icon Patterson_Sara_wwohp_pdf.edit.pdf Sara Patterson 02/20/2008 Volunteer sign language tutor
PDF icon paw_wah_transcript_-edit.pdf PawWah 05/24/2017 Born in Burma;Worcester Hometown Hero, and Board Member of Worcester Refugee Assistance Project
PDF icon pease_laura.pdf Laura Pease 10/17/2014 Animal Control Officer
Ivana Pellegrino 11/02/2005 Italian immigrant; Small business owner
PDF icon PennyAngela_WWOHP.pdf Angela Penny 04/16/2008 Mother of four daughters, involved in Women 2000 Reenactment of Worcester’s 1850 Women’s Rights National Convention
Margarita Perez 11/01/2006 College Professor
PDF icon Perley_Jessica_wwohp_pdf.edit.pdf Jessica Perley 02/18/2008 College Student, Advocates Inc. employee
PDF icon Perschbacher, Susan -edit.pdf Susan Perschbacher 03/12/2019 Professor; Director, Worcester Institute for Senior Education
PDF icon Petrella, Jane.pdf Jane Petrella 04/06/2017 Community Activist
PDF icon Phillip_Joan.pdf Joan Phillip 03/27/2007 Director, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living Services, Center for Living and Working
Alexandria Phillips 04/19/2006 Activity Leader, YMCA; College Student
PDF icon porter_lauratranscript_-_edit.pdf Laura Porter 11/08/2016 Freelance Writer and Editor
Maureen Power 11/14/2005 College Professor; Director, Intergenerational Urban Institute
PDF icon pyatt_marissa_transcript_-edit.pdf Marissa Pyatt 09/27/2016 Director of Supportive Services, Abby’s House
PDF icon Quintal_Claire_wwohp-edit.pdf Claire Quintal 03/17/2009 College Dean, Founder of the French Institute, Second Female Professor at Assumption College
PDF icon rafey_kate_transcript_-edit.pdf Kate Rafey 10/05/2016 Director of Development, Music Worcester
PDF icon raffaele-moyen_linda_transcript_-edit.pdf Linda Raffaelle-Moyen 02/19/2017 Nutrition, Health, and Education Professional
PDF icon rafferty_annette.pdf Annette Rafferty 11/15/2012 Founder, Abby's House
PDF icon rajwani_catherine_transcript.pdf Catherine Rajwani 04/08/2011 Lawyer
PDF icon ramirez_carmenza_transcript_-edit.pdf Carmenza Ramirez 07/28/2017 Born in Colombia; Rehabilitation Counselor, Studies at LVGW
PDF icon ramirez_hilda_eng_rev.pdf Hilda Ramírez 03/31/2011 English Translation - Executive Director of the Worcester Youth Center; Born in Dominican Republic
PDF icon Ramirez, Hilda Transcript.pdf Hilda Ramirez 08/06/2018 Assistant Director of the Latino Education Institute, Worcester State University
PDF icon ramirez_hilda_spa_rev.pdf Hilda Ramírez 03/31/2011 Spanish Interview -- Directora Ejecutiva del Worcester Youth Center; Lugar de origen: la República Dominicana
PDF icon raymon_lisa_edit_wwohp.pdf Lisa A. Raymon 03/16/2012 Salon Owner, Mother of three
PDF icon reed_heidi_wwohp.pdf Heidi Reed 02/19/2010 Massachusetts Commissioner for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Pamela Reidy 11/23/2010 Director of Mission, Notre Dame du Lac; teacher; Founder of Spirit of Hope
PDF icon Rennie_Brenda_-wwohp.pdf Brenda Rennie 02/16/2009 Independent Living Services Advocate at the Center for Living and Working; Volunteer Our Deaf Sisters Survival Support Project
Eve Rifkah 10/03/2019 Poet; Teacher
PDF icon rifkah_eve.pdf Eve Rifkah 10/15/2010 Writer, teacher, Poetry Oasis
PDF icon Rivera, Sarai Transcript.pdf Sarai Rivera 07/23/2018 Worcester City Councilor; Minister; Social Activist
PDF icon Robertson_Sara_WWOHP.pdf Sara Robertson 10/04/2006 First Woman Mayor of Worcester, MA
Susan Rodgers 03/15/2019 Professor, College of the Holy Cross
PDF icon rodriguez-parker_gladys_eng_rev.pdf Gladys Rodríguez-Parker 03/18/2011 English translation - Senior District Representative,Congressman James P. McGovern
PDF icon rodriguez-parker_gladys_spa_rev.pdf Gladys Rodríguez-Parker 03/18/2011 Spanish Interview - Senior District Representative, Congressman James P. McGovern
PDF icon Rose_MaryJane_wwohp_edit-1.pdf Mary Jane Rose 03/15/2007 Worcester Teacher
PDF icon rosenlund_linda.pdf Linda Rosenlund 11/23/2010 College Administrator; Founder of Worcester Women's Oral History Project
PDF icon Ross_Dorian-edit.pdf Dorian Ross 10/23/2007 Intergenerational Urban Institute, Worcester State College
Briana Roy 11/13/2006 College Student
Carleen Roy-Butler 09/29/2013 Director, Reach Out Center, Assumption College
Tina Rumrill 02/27/2009 Resident of Great Brook Valley