Julie Orcutt

Employee of the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitor's Bureau

"Especially now, I mean so many people work themselves to death. I know I work crazy too, but I don’t ever want it to be the death of me or to really get extremely overwhelmed where I just can’t handle it, because, I don’t know, I just think there are things more important in life besides making yourself crazy like that. I mean of course your work is important, it is the majority of your, not your life, but I don’t know, I think sometimes people need to take a step back and take your time a little bit more with things because I know what stress can do to people. I know what stress can do to people."


Julie Orcutt was born and grew up in Worcester, MA as part of a loving, Catholic, multigenerational family. The three generations of her family lived in the Columbus Park neighborhood in Worcester. Julie, her brother and her parents are graduates of South High School in Worcester. After high school, she attended Nichols College in Dudley, MA as a commuter student majoring in marketing. In this interview, she speaks of her supportive home life, her Italian grandparents and how her family has had a positive influence on her life. Julie has worked at the Center for Women in Enterprise (CWE) and is currently employed by the Central Massachusetts Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in MA. She has done volunteer work for the Special Olympics and the Nazareth Home in Leicester, MA. Julie’s long-term goals are to get her Master’s Degree and to own her own business.

Interview Date: 
November 8, 2006