Carol A. Pappas

College Librarian

When I was in school, you were either a teacher or a nurse and that’s pretty much it, that’s all there was. Now what can’t you do? You can go into anything, medicine, architecture… My little granddaughter, she’s only 3 now, so she can be anything she wants to be, and that’s really good.


Carol Pappas is from Southbridge, Massachusetts. Carol was born in 1947 and was raised by hard-working parents. She currently lives in Leicester, a suburb fifteen minutes away from the city of Worcester, near to her son, youngest sister, and grandchildren. Carol works in the Assumption College’s library as an Acquisitions Coordinator. She earned a degree in teaching French, History, and English at Bridgewater University. In the interview, a recurring theme that Carol shares is how the role of women have change throughout time and how this makes her truly satisfied, that even though there is still inequality among men and women, things got gotten better. She also reflects upon how she managed to balance her life as a mother and wife, at the same time of a working woman, and how she took the best out of these situations and turned it in her favor

Interview Date: 
April 19, 2012
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