Mary Jo Nawrocki

School District Superintendent
They [girls] were basically treated as if their sole aspiration should be to graduate from high school and maybe work as a secretary or work in retail and find a good husband, get married, and have some kids. Unlike today, we weren't really encouraged to pursue careers outside of the home.

Mary Jo Nawrocki was born on September 13, 1949 and grew up in Pennsylvania. Central Massachusetts became her home after she moved with her husband to the area. Nawrocki, currently a superintendent of a school district, manages to balance her incredibly active life.  Not only has she created a career for herself in education, but she has risen to one of the top levels of that career. She has also managed to raise a family, volunteer in her community, and become engaged in local political life. Nawrocki, however, credits this balanced, full life in part to her husband, who has always encouraged her and supported her. In this interview, she describes the challenges in girls' education as she grew up in the fifties and sixties, as well as how she balances the obligations of work, family, and community involvement. Her life offers insight into the challenges facing a girl growing up in the 1950's and 1960's, as well as insight into what it means to be a woman today.

Interview Date: 
April 15, 2009