Dolores Neely

Teacher, Singer, Mary Kay consultant

I joined the Worcester Chorus.  And I enjoyed singing in the chorus for several years.  And then, while we were still in West Boylston I started taking voice lessons from Malama.  She was a beautiful woman singer in Worcester and I took voice lessons from her.  And then she started the Salisbury Singers.  So after, singing in the Worcester Chorus, I went with Malama to sing with the Salisbury Singers. 


Dolores Neely was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1928 and moved to Worcester, MA shortly after her marriage to her husband, Ben Neely.  After completing several years of education as the first member of her family to attend college, Dolores worked as a teacher and as a Mary Kay consultant.  She was also extremely involved in various aspects of society, including various churches, musical groups and other Worcester programs.  Throughout this interview, Dolores discusses the importance of each aspect of her life.  She repeatedly returns to stories about her family, not only her own children but her parents and siblings, as well.  Another major aspect of her life may be found in her religious devotion and her participation in several churches throughout her life.  She also discusses her love of music and fondly remembers singing with such prominent groups as the Worcester Chorus and the Salisbury Singers.  In this interview, Dolores shares many activities that she enjoyed attending, including meetings of the Worcester Women’s History Project, Worcester’s First Night celebration, and programs at the Horticultural Society. 

Interview Date: 
November 19, 2010