Catherine Woodbrooks

Vice President of Student Affairs, Assumption College

My mother would say things like, “You can do whatever you want to be,” or she’ll say, “You can do anything.” I think with women, because we don’t have a long history of doors being open, that you have to be very specific. So, when I work with students I try to focus on the gifts that they have.

Catherine Woodbrooks was born in Rumford, Maine on October 27th 1954, and moved to Worcester, Massachusetts in 2002 when receiving the position of Vice President of Student Affairs at Assumption College that she presently holds. She received her Bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and elementary education from the University of Maine Farmington, her Master’s degree from the University of Maine in Orono, and then went on to receive her doctorate in higher education from Ohio State University. Catherine married Mark Brooks while living in New London, Connecticut where she worked as the Dean of Students at Connecticut College. As the Vice President of Student Affairs at Assumption College, Catherine oversees co-curricular life at the college. She enjoys working in the college setting as well as inspiring students to achieve their goals. In the interview, Catherine discusses her struggle with losing both of her parents at a young age and her drive for continued higher education. Catherine elaborates on her Catholic upbringing and her new found faith that came in her later years. Catherine spends her time outside of Assumption College riding her horse Romeo, volunteering through her church, and supporting the Christian Rock radio station 90.1 Catherine also offers insight on downtown Worcester and the improvements she would like to see made.
Interview Date: 
October 22, 2009
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