Victoria Waterman

CEO, Girls Inc.

I would say that women have made a tremendous amount of progress.  Some things haven’t changed, the way we love our families, and the sisterhood that happens among all of us is--that hasn’t changed over the years and generations.  All of that still remains.  When you educate a woman, you educate a family. 


Victoria Waterman was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1963 and is now the CEO of Girls Inc. of Worcester, Massachusetts.  Victoria has devoted her time to her job, advocacy efforts, and her loving husband.  Networks of women and girls have continuously played an important role in her life and experiences, and she continues to value and foster these relationships today.  Victoria was honored as a 2014 Worcester Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Business.  In this interview, Victoria briefly discusses her opinion on the community of Worcester, and focuses on her career as CEO of Girls Inc. of Worcester, and what this work as meant to her.  Victoria also traces her career path, including her earlier positions in a bank, in a mortgage company, in Leading Women, and even her different beginning positions in Girls Inc.  of Worcester, Massachusetts.  She reflects upon the positive effects the career progression to where she is today has had on her.  Victoria also shares valuable advice to future generations of girls, and also highlights the progress of women today.  Victoria is highly connected to her career and emphasizes that passion in this interview. 

Interview Date: 
October 22, 2014