Patricia Verderese

Teacher;Religious Education Director; Member of the First Class of Women at Assumption College

Well, when I first arrived here [in Worcester] in 1969…it was like a bombed out World War II city…And so that was my first impression…But over the years, I have come to realize that Worcester is a very great place…We’re members at the art museum and [involved in ] Music Worcester…The restaurants here—you couldn’t find any better in Boston…Every time we have a new person come to the city, or to visit us, we take them on a tour of Worcester.


Patricia Lucille Field Verderese was born in 1951 in Arlington, Massachusetts. She is connected to Worcester because she attended Assumption College in the late ‘60s and continues to reside in the area until present day. The major theme Patti reflects upon in this interview deals with her identity and what events helped shape it. Patti is a very hardworking and dedicated woman as seen by her participation in Assumption College’s first class of women. Patti discusses some challenges she faced with her Irish background, being shy, and her political and religious beliefs.  She also advises Assumption College and Worcester to stick to their true identities by better promoting themselves. Patti then highlights her belief in the strength in women and advises young girls to stay true to themselves and not to succumb to what men expect of them. She gives advice to women to get a good education because women these days are able to support themselves. At the end of the interview, Patti concludes by discussing her curiosity with the repeating fashion statements that are being popularized again by today’s generation of young women.

Interview Date: 
March 26, 2013
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