Melanie Demarais

College Development Officer;President, Worcester League of Women Voters

You really have to give yourself a balanced view of the political situation and figure out which one works for you. We are a democracy, we have more than one newspaper, we have more than one opinion. So you need to read all of it to form your own opinion.


Melanie Demarais is a 50-year old woman who lived her childhood years in New Hampshire. After college she moved to Worcester for her job at Assumption College in Student Affairs and later in Development. Melanie has volunteered in organizations such as Girl Scouts, Chamber of Commerce, Worcester Women's HIstory Project, and the League of Women Voters. She feels very strongly about women taking advantage of the fact that we now have the right to vote. She believes that everyone should become educated in politics so that we can all make a difference. She graduated from St. Michael's College with a political science major and is also interested in Women's Studies. Throughout this interview, Melanie talks about her strong belief that everyone should be active in politics.

Interview Date: 
April 2, 2008