Luanne Westerling

Associate Dean of Business Studies, Program Chair Business Communications, Nichols College

When you are comfortable you are not learning and you are not pushing yourself.  So sometimes you’ll be offered an opportunity, and I think women do this, they say, “Oh my God, I couldn’t possibly do that,” because I think we underestimate what we can do.  And so what I would say to you is, “Do it.  Put yourself outside of your comfort zone and give it a try.


Luanne Vardo Westerling was born in Meriden, Connecticut in 1963.  As an undergraduate student she attended Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Luanne says she began developing her leadership skills in college as a Resident Assistant and these skills later helped her to transition into careers in business and higher education.  Although she briefly considered a career in law, Luanne is very proud of her current position as Associate Dean of Business Studies and Program Chair of Business Communication at Nichols College which allows her to bring her leadership skills into higher education.  In this interview Luanne discusses opportunities as well as challenges women face in the world of business.  Her background and experiences allowed her to become the first woman in the Business Department at Quinsigamond College which gave her the knowledge needed to obtain her current administrative position.  She also emphasized the importance of taking every opportunity given to you because stepping out of your comfort zone creates the chance to discover invaluable learning experiences.

Interview Date: 
November 13, 2013
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