Katherine Aguilar

Founder/CEO, K Sense Co

I would honestly say…be patient and be kind to yourself. You are figuring things out as a teenage girl…You are processing things…and maybe going through a difficult moment…I take in interns now and constantly am reminding them…you are not an island. You, as a human, you need connections, and that’s really what helps you grow…It definitely takes time to get there, to build the confidence to just own who you are. But I think all of my experiences and seeing inequities for myself, for my family, for other immigrants, that’s always just driven a passion.

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Katherine Aguilar, founder of K Sense Co, was born in Cuisnahuat, Sonsonate, El Salvador in 1994. She later moved to Los Angeles, and in 1995 to Worcester [MA], where she still resides. She has lived in various neighborhoods throughout Worcester and was educated in Worcester public schools. In this interview, Katherine discusses the struggles immigrants face in the United States, struggles not only as children, but as adults as well. She talks of the challenges she faced in growing her own business and becoming part of her community. She also elaborates on her successes and involvement in the community, and why she thinks it is important, as a woman of color, to give back.

Interview Date: 
March 15, 2023
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