Judith Savageau

Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health; Massachusetts Association for the Blind Board Member

Most important to me is community service—I'm an avid believer. The woman who founded, I believe it’s Save the Children, Marian Wright Edelman, has this great quote that “Service is the rent we pay for living here on this planet.” And I am an avid believer. I do five to ten hours a week of community service. A lot of it is related to vision.


Judith Savageau, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. Through her experiences in Community Health, Judy devotes her life to her research, teaching, and community service. In a world that is ever changing, where people, but especially women, are faced with a fast paced lifestyle, where work, or school can erode relationships and replace the time once spent with family, Judy has been able to find a balance. A balance where she is able to volunteer at least some of her time for her community. She is also a Board Member for the Massachusetts Association for the Blind.

Interview Date: 
April 10, 2012