Geri DiNardo

Worcester activist;co-founder, The Mustard Seed; Catholic Worker house; author

But we were close to getting arrested that day, really close.  The protest that we had at Seabrook, we were being trained in case we were arrested.  It turned out to be a legal protest. They negotiated for it to be a legal protest and we didn’t get arrested there either fortunately.  I haven’t been arrested but Michael has.  He went to jail for I think 20 days, one of those farm jails where you have to work on the farm.  Yep, and what else? I’ve done a number.  Not a lot. I haven’t done a lot of protests but I’ve done some and I’ve done some Catholic Worker house of hospitality stuff.  I was there for five years and feeding—one time we had lettuce soup.  Most of the time we had enough food, but one time we had lettuce soup because we didn’t have enough food.  Didn’t have enough food, so we had to have lettuce, serve lettuce.

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Geri Dinardo was born in Hopedale, Massachusetts.  She attended Our Lady of the Elms College where she studied sociology. She earned her graduate degree in education from Worcester State University. She has lived in Worcester, Massachusetts for over 50 years.  Geri spent many years teaching and has been involved with the Catholic Worker and the founding of The Mustard Seed in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Within the interview, Geri discusses her experiences as a woman and the influential individuals who inspired her when founding The Mustard Seed.  

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April 3, 2017
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