Geraldine Brophy

Social Worker; Psychotherapist, Director of Psychiatry; Member of WISE

Always have a beginner's mind; always keep your mind open. It’s difficult in these times when there is so much divisiveness and venom being spewed in all directions, it’s hard to find your own center, I would say, and this may sound flip, but practice yoga because yoga gives you the opportunity to find where your center is. If you know where your center is, if you know who you are, and what you are, then what’s going on around you is irrelevant. You are going to make the decision that is right for you and that is what you need to do and not be distracted by all the cacophony going on around you.


Geraldine Brophy was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1944 to Katherine and John Brophy. She is the eldest of two daughters. She is the mother to two sons; one from her first marriage and another from her second. Geraldine attended Southern Connecticut State University and got her bachelor’s degree in education. At 48 years old, after she had met and married her second husband, she went back to college at Boston College and received her master’s degree in social work. After graduation, she proceeded to work at Harrington Hospital as a psychotherapist and later opened up her own private practice. Geraldine talked about how as a child, she and her family moved around quite a bit. She explained that it made an impact on her. After her divorce from her first husband, she took it upon herself to pack up with her child and move to the city of Worcester and later moved to Auburn where she currently resides. Geraldine discussed the significance of her childhood and the life lessons she has gathered from her mother and marriages. She shared how her experiences and decisions applied to and shaped the different jobs she held throughout her life including motherhood.

Interview Date: 
October 16, 2019
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