Caroline Lavalleee

Retired postal worker; mother of four

I think if the woman is qualified I think she should run for office because if you want the job well done you hire a woman.


Caroline Lavallee was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1936. She attended Oxford High School. She met her husband Norman Lavallee when she was twenty-two years old at a Polish Dance Hall. They married a year later and together they had four children. Caroline Lavallee worked multiple jobs; her most memorable was her position as a clerk in a Worcester Post Office where she retired in 1999. In this interview, Caroline discusses the struggles and joys of her life in the Worcester area. Growing up on a farm, Caroline learned the value of hard work—she watched both her parents, children of Polish immigrants, work hard to provide a good life for her and her siblings. She adopted her parents’ drive and carried this outlook throughout her life.  Caroline elaborates on the limitations she faced in education and her success in raising well-educated children. Caroline furthermore discusses the importance of community and gives advice to women of today.

Interview Date: 
November 8, 2013
Interview Focus: