Barbara Mercier

Retired Teacher; Community Volunteer

But the unrest of the ‘60s was HUGE but I was pretty isolated from that.  At Worcester State we were still pretty much, even though it was no longer called Worcester State Teachers College, we were mostly a teachers college. Everybody went into teaching. We had to wear skirts, we could not wear pants. This was up until 1968, even in a snow storm.  As far as free expression, not a lot of it was encouraged. If the student newspaper came out with anything controversial it would disappear. Administration would whisk it away. So even though Kent State and all these places were starting, at Worcester State we were separated from that.

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Barbara Mercier, born in December of 1946 is an extraordinary women although she claims to have lived an ordinary life. Barbara and her family moved to Worcester, MA from Billerica, MA when she was just fourteen years old. She said the transition was hard but she overcame any and all obstacles. She attended North High in Worcester and then went on to study education at Worcester State College from 1964-1968. She has since retired but after graduating college she became a teacher in grades 4th, 5th and 6th where she was able to really extend her knowledge to her students and share her passion for history with her classes. Barbara also volunteered in various organizations in and around the Worcester area where she really made an impact. Barbara has two children and four grandchildren whom she adores and spends much time with now that she is retired. Barbara and her husband of 47 years Robert Mercier now live in West Boylston and are enjoying their life together.

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October 25, 2017
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