Susan Wobst

Consultant, Nonprofit management; Managing Director of Vital Voices Global Partnership

Well, success for me would be, if I had a headstone, I would say, "She tried to do some good." And in terms of my devotion to nonprofits, it's the core of everything.  Its mission, why they exist, why they were founded.  If I like the mission I will really go gung ho for that,  So it's trying to do some good through the work as well.

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Susan Wobst was born in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Hillsdale High School and the University of Michigan where she earned four degrees. She is bilingual and her fluency in Russian led to many jobs in government and nonprofit organizations.  She also taught Russian at the college level and participates in several community organizations.  In this interview, Susan discusses her family, her career, and the community of Worcester.

Interview Date: 
October 5, 2016
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