Sr. Francis del Marmol

Nun, medical worker in Africa

If you’re sure you can’t do it, ask God…


Sr. Francis del Marmol was born in New Orleans, LA on December 8, 1924. She moved to Worcester about ten years ago to live on the Assumption College campus with her community of sisters. Sr. Francis attended Newcomb College at Tulane University where she studied medicine. She moved around the country running her own anesthesia department in various hospitals. She later joined the convent and became a nun. She was soon sent off to Africa where she opened her own dispensary. Upon coming back to the United States she was eager to learn and update her medical knowledge. Since then, she has arrived on the Assumption College campus where she volunteers at the D’Alzon Library. In this interview, she discusses the role of education in her life, as well as her work experiences before and after becoming a nun. She emphasizes the role religion has played in her life. Sr. Francis also spends time talking about how important her time in Africa was.

Interview Date: 
November 19, 2009
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