Sharon Smith Viles

Nurse, mother of five, painter, volunteer at Abby’s House and Worcester Women’s History Project

"I think the first two years or so of working at the shelter were very eye opening, and what I learned was the value of providing whatever was necessary to make life a little easier for people through the hard times. You know, I remember a woman came into the shelter. She had walked from California. You know, this was the 70’s. She was running away from her life and she ended up in Worcester at a bad time. But I mean, to walk from California?  Life must have been pretty tough. There have been many like that. And to help someone like that was something I never thought would happen, but it makes you feel good. I think the work I did at Abby’s House is the proudest I’ve been. Women were struggling. And I think it’s important to help in this kind of way, and it’s something that the next generation needs to find in themselves to help others."

Interview Date: 
October 24, 2008