Sarah Kelly

Owner, Worcester Academy of Music

Women, a lot of us deal with self-esteem issues just for a million reasons, and just gaining that confidence and who you are, what you are capable of doing. Know that you are capable of being anything you want to be. I mean that’s a message for everyone, but I think especially women. Because I think we get kind of pushed in certain directions. “Oh no, you need to stay home, and raise a family. Get married. Raise a family.” Or, “No you can only be a secretary.


Sarah Kelly was born in 1979 in Texas, and in 2004 moved to Worcester. Sarah had studied music all through her life, and became a major in flute. After working in the music business, Sarah moved to Worcester to open up the Worcester Academy of Music. In this interview, Sarah discusses the challenges and advantages of her music business in Worcester. Sarah had studied music all through her life, and in college pursued a flute major. From there she worked in the music business, but after the economic downturn decided to be her own boss. She talks about the negative aspects of Worcester, and its charm as well. Sarah then discusses the journey to starting her business, and the struggles she has to go through.  She also elaborates about women’s experience in Worcester, and gives out advice to future businesswomen themselves. In this interview, Sarah talks extensively about the importance of the arts and music in people’s lives, and its necessity in schools in the United States.

Interview Date: 
February 28, 2012
Interview Focus: