Sara Swillo Muckian

Associate Director, Holy Cross Fund

I think one of the things is a lot of the time when people go do volunteer work or feeding the poor or hungry, it’s like you go through and cook the food and it’s like they think they are a servant and that’s what people think they’re job is and that’s wonderful. But what I think is, what I’ve come to learn from my mom and dad is that it’s not about feeding them. It’s like sit down and have a conversation because these people are just down on their luck and in a blink of an eye that can happen to anyone.  So my favorite thing was always talking with the people I got to serve it was like, “Okay here’s your food, but more importantly tell me about your life.   Tell me about your family.” I think that goes back to the background that my mom and dad instilled in me. But it’s also has to do with probably my time at Holy Cross and that whole question of who am I to others and  how can I help serve?

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Sara Swillo Muckian was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1983.  She was raised in the city and takes pride in residing there her entire life. In 2005, she graduated from her favorite college, Holy Cross. She then started a career at Assumption College, where she developed an interest in helping others by working in Student Affairs. Currently, Sara is the Associate Director of the Holy Cross Fund. Recently, she and her husband welcomed a daughter, who is now one year old, into the world. Sara remains driven and positive while working, caring for her family, and learning the stages of motherhood. In this interview, Sara expresses her love for the city of Worcester. It is out of this love that her dedication to help others and give back to the community emerged. Sara volunteers in several different organizations, especially LLS [Leukemia Lymphoma Society]. She ran five Boston Marathons to help raise money for this cause, and also directed other fundraising for the organization. By being involved with LLS and many other organizations, Sara makes even more connections to Worcester and its people. She asserts that helping others is highly rewarding and continues to fulfill her roles as a college administrator, wife, and mother.

Interview Date: 
February 11, 2016
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