Samantha Vayo

Student, Model, Special Olympics Athlete

I was born with CP [cerebral palsy]. I went to the doctors and physical therapy and they told me that I would probably never walk. So, I proved them all wrong because I can walk. I like to play [sports]. I can do everything.


Samantha Vayo was born on March 23, 1990 in Worcester, Massachusetts where she also grew up. She attends The Learning Center for deaf students in Framingham. While she claims not to like going to school, she does like math and being with her friends. In this interview she talks about the excitement of being chosen one of five young women out of 250 by Seventeen Magazine for a modeling session in New York and how she now works as a model in Boston. She has also participated in the Special Olympics for over ten years and her favorite sports are bowling and gymnastics although she also competes in soccer, basketball, and softball. Samantha also discusses being deaf since infancy and having cerebral palsy. She is proud of proving the doctors wrong when they claimed she would never be able to walk. Today she is a good athlete.

Interview Date: 
April 9, 2008
Interview Focus: