Robin Kennedy

State house emplyee and political activist

I would say get involved and speak up. I think even as far as society has come, society still teaches us to take a back seat, to sit on the outsides of a meeting table. You’ll see the men all come sit at the table and you’ll often still see women sit around the outsides.  So I would say sit at the table. It’s still going to be very rare that somebody invites you in, so sometimes as uncomfortable as it may be you have to invite yourself in. And then I would say something certainly that I have tried to do is pay it forward.  You’re given an opportunity,  pay it forward to someone behind you because we’re our best allies and our best advocates so it’s our responsibility to bring other women along with us.


Robyn Kennedy, a state house employee and political activist, spent her childhood in Worcester, Massachusetts and still resides in Worcester today. Robyn was born in 1980, and at 32 years of age has found herself in many leadership positions including the Board of Directors of the YWCA, the National Board of the YWCA, and a political adviser to many campaigns including Lt. Governor U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Kennedy was inspired by her volunteering on political campaigns throughout her college career at Assumption College, where she opened doors to opportunities that led her to where she stands today. Currently, Robyn involves herself in the efforts of support for domestically abused women, as well as dedicating her time to attend political rallies. Although very busy in politics, Robyn notes that she enjoys training for marathons and is devoted to living in Worcester despite a two-hour commute to work each morning because she believes that great cities like Worcester need to encourage families to stay in the city and invest in Worcester's future.

Interview Date: 
October 22, 2013