Paulette Bluemel

Special Education Teacher

Just observing what my mother did and what I did, and what my two girls do.  I think there is tremendous difference.  I think young women today have a very difficult life.  Because they are trying to do everything, and they are trying to raise a family. At least my kids are trying to raise a family, work full time professionally, keep their husbands happy, keep the house sort of going, and, you know, they don’t have time for social life of their own, which I think is sad and they realize it’s not good. 


This oral history tells the story of Paulette Bluemel, a wife, mother, and teacher who spent many years of her life in Worcester. In this interview, she discusses her origins, her family history, her education path to success, and the pleasure she found in raising children. She also offers advice to young women of today, pointing out new struggles that come with more freedom. Along with that, she explains her opinion on the politics going on right now in society and the changes she has observed over the years. Paulette is a woman who has experienced many changes in her life and also made on impact on the lives of those around her, through her teaching, role as a mother, and in furthering her education.

Interview Date: 
November 11, 2011