Pamela Reidy

Director of Mission, Notre Dame du Lac; teacher; Founder of Spirit of Hope

I started going to Haiti with students to have experiences working with the poor and that was over twenty years ago. When the [2010 Haiti ] earthquake happened -- to the beauty of Facebook, which I think is a support -- many of my students came back to me and said, "We know you still have to be in Haiti and what's going on? What can we do?" And so last January, my former stduents and I formed an organization called Spirit of Hope and we fund people to go and work in Haiti.


Pamela Jane Reidy was born on Easter Sunday 1950 in Worcester, Massachusetts where she resided with her family until the age of five when she moved to Sutton, MA. At the age of eighteen she entered college and pursued a degree in Education from Worcester State College. She went on to obtain a Master's in Theology from Assumption College. This led her to a teaching career at Notre Dame Academy, an all-girls' school in Worcester. After many years of teaching she left the field and is currently Director of Mission at Notre Dame du Lac. This job allows Pam to spend more time serving others. A frequent visitor of Haiti, she is the founder of Spirit of Hope, and organization dedicated to helping the children of Haiti.

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November 23, 2010
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