Pamela Bobay

President, Worcester Women's History Project; Quinsigamond Valley Community Center

Be yourself and explore.  Be open to opportunities knocking on your door or drifting into an area to see if you might find it interesting.  Enjoy.  Enjoy the adventure because it is an adventure.

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Pamela Joy Greene was born in San Diego, California, on April 23, 1944.  Her married name is Pamela Bobay.  Pamela is the president of the Steering Committee of the Worcester Women’s History Project.  Some of her notable areas of work are at a food pantry for the Quinsigamond Valley Community Center and on the board for the Oak Hill Community Development Corporation.  These areas of work showcase her core values of generosity and innovation.  In this interview, Pamela expresses a great passion for travel including her time in California, Nevada, and Washington all of which have brought her here to Worcester.  Pamela believes that the strong history of women is an integral part of Worcester.  She has found that this immense diversity, which she embraces and lives in her everyday life, is central to the energy that she has found in Worcester.  She emphasizes the need for collaboration among different generations of women in order to move forward and create significant change.  Pamela serves as a model of inspiration for young women everywhere searching for a sense of independence and self-discovery. 

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October 4, 2017
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