Mary Brunelle

College Librarian

I like being a librarian because I believe in the power of education and I don’t necessarily want to be a teacher in front of thirty students.  God bless people who do because we need good teachers, but that’s not for me so this is, this is a way to be involved in education and in Catholic education without actually being a teacher.  I really enjoy it.  I love working with the students and I’m very happy at my job and I think that that’s rare for people my age to actually say that.


Mary Brunelle was born in Franklin, Massachusetts in 1988. She moved to Worcester in 2000 to attend Assumption College and is currently still living in Worcester. Before moving to Worcester, she felt as though she was already familiar with the city since many of her family members, including her mom grew up in Worcester. In this interview, Mary discusses the strong impact of education. She originally attended Saint Joseph College in Connecticut, but later transferred to Assumption College as a junior. She touches upon the difference of the colleges’ environments and the difficulties of being a transfer student. Now as a librarian at Assumption College, she also reflects upon the different experiences of once being a student to now a staff member. Throughout the interview, Mary relates back to the importance of family and religion in her life. Her family was the influence in her choice of being a Catholic woman, and she briefly describes the uneasy situations she went through as a young Catholic girl in high school.  In this interview, Mary also elaborates on her writing career and her dreams of being a published author someday.

Interview Date: 
April 12, 2011
Interview Focus: