Mary Bloehm

President, B2B Holdings

From the beginning of my career to now, well, there's a lot more women in the workforce doing a lot more different things and varied things, and a lot of women starting all kinds of businesses, and even more so now, as well as women of color. Pride is a big topic now, and at the WBENC conference last week. There's an effort for Latinos, so that's good too.

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Mary Bloem is a sixty-four-year-old woman who has lived and worked in Worcester County for many years of her life. She is the current President of B2B Holdings, a company that connects other organizations with manufacturers of office supplies and furniture, with customers locally, state, and nationwide. She has been working in corporate accounting since the eighties, and thus has an in-depth perspective on how corporate office culture has changed over the years. In this interview, Mary discusses her experiences in the corporate field, the changes she has noticed, the increased role of women and other minorities in higher positions, and how she runs her own company. She offers lots of advice for those who wish to pursue similar career paths, as well as time management and being your own boss. Besides this, she also discusses her personal life, her family, and the ways literature has expanded her understanding of the world.

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March 29, 2023
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