Lillian MacWhinnie

Family Services Worker for the Elderly; Worcester Seniors Deaf Community

At the time I lived in New Hampshire, so I went home on the weekends and stayed at the dorms at school. Next school I went to was Columbus School for the Deaf in Ohio. I stayed in dorms there too, but only went home for holidays, just Christmas, Easter, for summer vacation. I really preferred being at school because there were Deaf people there and I could sign. It was much more exciting than going home because my hometown is very small and there are not many Deaf people there I can interact with.


Lillian MacWhinnie is a 67-year-old widow. She was born Deaf into an all- hearing family in Niagara Falls, NY. Lillian has moved to many locations throughout her life including New York, Ohio, New Hampshire. For the past 28 years, Lillian has continued to reside in Worcester, Massachusetts. Growing up, she attended three different schools for the Deaf. After graduating from the Buffalo School for the Deaf, Lillian joined the workforce. She married and raised five hearing children; the eldest works for Community Enterprises helping Deaf people find work and facilitating communication between the Deaf and Hearing. Lillian is involved with the Deaf senior citizen community in Worcester. Currently, Lillian works part-time for Family Services where she assists the elderly with cleaning, shopping, and feeding.

Interview Date: 
February 15, 2009