Konstantina Lukes

Lawyer; First elected female mayor of Worcester

Being a candidate and being a public servant are two different jobs, a candidate has to be a public relations person and the product you’re selling is yourself....... public service means another thing other than promoting yourself, you have to know how to solve problems and meet the needs of your constituents.


Konstantina Lukes realized at about the age of eight or nine she wanted to go into politics after being introduced to the mayor by her father. Her Albanian background caused her to want to be a part of politics because of her knowledge of the oppressive dictatorship in Albania. Konstantina Lukes ran for school committee in 1979, and has been in politics ever since -- about 30 years. She served January 13, 2007 – January 4, 2010 as the first elected female mayor of Worcester. Currently, she works as an attorney in Worcester. She touches upon her views of the recent election and shares her opinion of women in the future of politics and women’s images in the media. Konstantina comes across as a tough and independent woman throughout the interview, most likely arising from her experiences achieving success in what was thought of as a man’s world.

Interview Date: 
November 14, 2012