Karen Jean White

Dance Teacher and Owner of Dance Studio

We do nursing home shows and local things and community things, senior residences and we still do....so you get to practice your dance but dance is a performing art and if you don’t perform you don’t get the experience and the confidence developing it. I call it old dolls and new dolls and it’s one of the greatest joys of all. Teaching and being able to bring – I have students right through adult students who dance with me, little ones and their parents of the little ones. Oh they love it and this is great because to see the human interaction that goes on, the happiness, that’s just key so it’s really great. People that can’t move and then they’re watching other people that can, particularly the small ones that are so fresh and live.


Karen Jean White was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1948 and currently resides in West Boylston. Dancing since the age of four, Karen has devoted her life to the art. Finding babysitting to be a dull job, she began her own studio in her basement at the age of 13. She now owns the Karen Jean White School of Dance on West Boylston Street in West Boylston where she has been for 39 years. In this interview Karen elaborates on her career in dance and those who have impacted her life. Growing up in a loving home, she is extremely grateful for her childhood. Karen reflects on the importance of her life choices, such as those with whom she chooses to surround herself.   She also emphasizes how religion influences her life, as well as the importance of having her family; whether they are related, friends, or her students.

Interview Date: 
November 19, 2010
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