Eve Rifkah

Poet; Teacher

It helps me to not think about male and female, but being human. And then all humans can be nurturing and good people, and be whatever you want to be. But it’s so hard, particularly if you’re poor.


Eve Rifkah was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1948 and now is a poet living in Worcester, Massachusetts. She has written and published a total of three books that are based on her life experiences and passion for history. In this interview, she speaks on facing poverty throughout her childhood and young adult years, especially as a single teenage parent. Eve shares about bad relationships within her family and her unstable childhood. Reading is very important to her, and has been her solace throughout her life, and ultimately led her to a career in teaching. Before she retired, she was a visiting professor at several Worcester area colleges.

Interview Date: 
October 3, 2019