Erica Ayisi

Reporter, Worcester News Tonight

You only have one life to live.  We are all here one time, and to wake up every day is a blessing.  Some people don't wake up.  Some people wake up and they don’t have legs so they can’t go anywhere, or their legs don’t work.  Or they wake up and they don’t have heat.  I mean, I don’t know, maybe it’s from living in Ghana with no lights and no running water, and some things become important to you versus other things.  So, I’m very grateful.  I’m very, very blessed.


Erica Ayesi is currently a reporter for Worcester News Tonight.  Although she was born in Marlboro, Erica spent a large portion of her childhood in Worcester, and taught at her own high school, Burncoat High School, for six years.  Erica knew that she wanted to be a reporter and, having attained both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree from the New York Institute of Technology, she was confident that she could succeed.  After an internship with New York One, Erica gained an international internship with eTV Ghana.  This internship became a full-time position, and after working in Ghana, Erica returned to the U.S. to work on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams before coming home to Worcester.  In our interview, Erica expressed an endearing amount of humility and recognized that she was “very blessed.”  However, it was also clear from our interview that Erica’s achievements would not have been possible without her own hard work and strength.  Erica Ayesi knew when she needed to make changes in her life, and, even with obstacles like personal traumas or relocations, she did not hesitate to stand up for what she really wanted, making her a true inspiration.

Interview Date: 
November 16, 2014
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