Cynthia Bizzaro

Born in Worcester, Music Teacher and Pianist

"I think we have to find our own thread back to that place where we know that we know what’s best for us and how to find that. So that’s what I would like  -- to be able to pave that way for my daughter."


Cynthia Bizzaro was born in Worcester in 1956 and grew up in Auburn, just over the Worcester line. She lives in Holden with her husband and daughter, and has enjoyed a long career as a music teacher and pianist. In this interview, Cynthia shares her philosophical viewpoints on the declining state of the arts in Worcester, the challenges women face in today’s society, and the importance of stepping back from the frantic pace of modern life to reflect upon one’s place in the world. She speaks about the personal constraints she faced as a young woman in her education and career development, focusing on the limited choices that were available to women and the need to accommodate the responsibilities of motherhood. Cynthia also talks about the nostalgia she has for the Worcester of her childhood, before the construction of Interstate 290 and the decline of Main Street. She emphasizes the importance of constantly questioning and deconstructing the way things are in order to imagine alternative possibilities and live an authentic life. Cynthia gives advice to women who are struggling with these issues, and shares her hopes for her daughter’s future.

Interview Date: 
November 11, 2005