Charisse Murphy

Director, YOU,Inc.

Support networks and mentoring are my entire existence. There is no way I could do half the stuff that I do without a support network. And now I have turned the page and am being a mentor to other young women.


Charisse Lynn Murphy was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1980. She became a director at YOU, Inc. in Worcester in 2008. When Charisse was small, she grew up as if she were an only child. Her parents separated, and her siblings were much older than she. Those siblings already lived on their own.  She was said to have an old soul as she was raised by her mother, who is 40 years older than she. At present, she has her own family with four children, and is working as the director of development at YOU, Inc. In this interview, Charisse shares stories about how her character was shaped, and how she is connected to YOU, Inc., in a professional and personal way. Charisse is a sociable person due in part to her experience of studying and living in two totally different worlds as a child. She talks about her opportunity to work at YOU, Inc., which has provided a great working culture filled with amazing people. During the interview, she also shares about the challenges she faced during high school and college, as well as the challenges she faces in her career and married life.

Interview Date: 
March 27, 2019
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