Bridget McKay Kane

Student, Clark University

"I just think that it’s great that you guys are taking a look at women’s history and how it has such an important role in the world because there’s always been women throughout history.  As for Worcester, you know, I mean I think what keeps a lot of people here is family.  I think Worcester is a really family-based city."


Bridget McKay Kane was born in 1979 in Springfield, Illinois and moved to Worcester with her family at the age of three. Also living out of state for a period, she is currently studying art at Clark University and living in Holden. In this interview, Bridget shares stories surrounding her work history at a number of jobs, both in retail and the youth development fields. She speaks about her personal challenges discovering her path in life in the face of high expectations surrounding education and achievement. She reflects upon the social atmosphere at her schools growing up, as well as the experience of arts education and community engagement at Clark. She emphasizes the importance of family in her own life and in defining the character of Worcester as a city. Bridget also shares memories of Worcester landmarks, including Tatnuck Booksellers, where she worked briefly before it closed. She also touches upon her perspective on the growth and change that has taken place in Worcester throughout her lifetime and gives advice to the next generation of young women in the city. After graduating, Bridget plans to move to L.A. and try to get work as a writer in the television industry.

Interview Date: 
March 21, 2006
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