Betsy Landry

Director of Human Resources, Mirick O'Connell

I think also I would suggest that young women learn to prioritize themselves first, which sounds selfish but I don’t mean it in that way.  I think that as women we are daughters and sisters and wives and mothers and employees and we can’t do a good job at doing all those things if we don’t take care of ourselves.  And if we don’t carve out the time to exercise, even if it means getting up extra early in the morning or making sure that we can somehow fit in, literally even if it’s ten minutes a day just for yourself just to take some deep breaths or just to do something that you enjoy because again it’s so easy to get caught up in—and just constantly running from one thing to the next and you’re going to wear down at some point.  And I’ve been through that and I know what that’s like and I just had to learn to take a step back and realize that you can’t be all of those things to all of those people if you’re not taking care of yourself first. 


Betsy Landry is a 46-year-old who grew up in Charlton, MA.  Betsy is half Irish and half English/Scottish.  She is married to Richard Landry and has two daughters.  Kathleen, who likes to be called Kat, is fourteen years old, and Margret, who likes to be called Maggie, is ten years old.  Throughout Betsy’s life, she focused most of her attention on her education and her job.  She attended Assumption College for her Bachelor’s and her MBA.  She majored in Management and minored in Philosophy.  Her main concern in life was what she wanted to do as a career when she graduated.  As soon as she graduated, she was able to get a job in human resources.  She’s the director of human resources at Mirick O’Connell, a law firm in downtown Worcester.  Although her job consumes most of her life, she is able to balance responsibilities for the house and kids with her husband.  She loves her kids but sometimes wishes she had them a few years later than she did.  Despite that, she wouldn’t change anything about her life.  She gave a few words of advice about young women nowadays.  She said it’s time for women to prioritize themselves and learn to put themselves first before others.  In conclusion, she said she is very happy with how successful her life has turned out to be.  She related her success to Maya Angelou’s quote, “ Success is liking who you are, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” She said it resonates to her life, and it’s the best way to define success.   

Interview Date: 
October 31, 2014
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